10 August 2023

Complaints policy

XSML strives to foster good and transparent relationships with all its stakeholders. As part of this ambition, we have a Whistleblowing and Complaints Policy and an independent complaints procedure. The policy describes the structure, governance and procedures for filing a complaint or making a disclosure concerning the operations of XSML and its affiliates by clients, employees, partners and other stakeholders with whom we do business as well as the communities and environments in which XSML operates.

The independent complaints mechanism allows external parties to file a complaint or start a whistleblowing procedure concerning projects financed by XSML managed funds or our own operations.

The mechanism ensures the right to be heard for complainants who feel affected by XSML or an XSML-financed operation to enable resolution of disputes and helps XSML in drawing lessons learned for current and future operations.  

Complaints office
We have set up an independent Complaints Office which decides on the admissibility of a complaint and handles all subsequent processes, including administration and coordination of complaints including resolution.

If you have a complaint or have questions or concerns related to cases in ongoing dispute resolutions or compliance processes, please contact us at complaints@xsmlcapital.com or by sending a confidential message using the Complaints Form. Please note that lack of detailed information might inhibit the investigation process..