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Fueling job creation

Scaling up SMEs drives lasting impact. This creates more and better jobs, supports families and advances the next generation.


Our impact

Job creation | Gender equality

Our impact comes from investing in the growth potential of well-led businesses that are open to receive more than our financial support to invest in their expansion. For example, we help them to capture market opportunities, improve processes and standards, select suppliers and train staff. 


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Impact cases

Measurable changes beyond profit

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Zuri Luxury | DRC

Zuri Luxury is an aspirational African hair and beauty brand and chain of hair bars that strives to empower Afrikan working women.

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TMR Hospital | Uganda

It started as a small hospital with five consultants seeing less than 50 patients a month. Eight years later, it is a fully-fledged facility treating more than 2,300 people every month.

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NRJ was the first Congolese haulage company to open up the route between Kinshasa, the capital, and Lubumbashi, the country’s second city close to the Zambian border.

Our Impact Pathway

Impact Pathway

How we measure

Standards | Commitments

We work in line with leading industry standards for ESG and impact measurement. We are committed to several initiatives such as the Operating Principles for Impact Management (Disclosure Statement) and 2x Global, the global industry standard for gender lens investing.

Linking our impact with the UN SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals

Operating Principles for Impact Management
IFC's Performance Standards on Environmental & Social Sustainability

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Impact measurement and metrics

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Our commitment to forest conservation

Chris Roberts Forest Foundation | Uganda

We work in countries that have a unique natural environment and count as biodiversity hotspots.

We support the Chris Roberts Forest Foundation (CRFF) in Uganda in its mission to protect Kibale National Park. This tropical forest is home to the country’s largest population of chimpanzees. CRFF works to protect and restore the park's boundary zone so that nature and people can thrive.

Our contribution
XSML made a donation to CRFF that allowed it to purchase a renewable lease for around 20 acres of land in the park’s boundary zone. This land is part of CRFF’s 40-acre model site, where it combines forest conservation with reforesting degraded land and a demo farm to inspire farmers around the forest to turn their monocrop fields into biodiverse forest farmland that will yield more income than their seasonal maize and beans.